Have you checked out Code Share recently? The list of projects keeps growing, and it’s fast becoming a haven of code that you can build on, or read and learn from – it’s all open source code too.

A project that prompted this blog post was Force.com for Twilio. It turns out that Twilio lets you build telephony applications – and out of the blue this library appeared on Code Share to help any Force.com developer interface with the service. Kyle, the author, has just blogged, providing some installation instructions, as well as a pointer to a competition that they’re running around the code, Twilio and building apps on Force.com. Check it out.

Two other things about Code Share:

  • If you do use a project, please rate it as well – that will help the author and others who would like to try the projects.
  • Besides using the code, and building on it, you can also contribute to the code. Join the project, tweak the code, add docs, even point out bugs! – authors like Kyle would certainly appreciate your input

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