With the Winter '10 release, Salesforce introduced the Force.com Bulk API to rapidly insert, update, and upsert data. To give administrators on-demand access to load data using this powerful new API, it was seemlessly integrated with the existing data loading capibilities of Workbench, a web-based suite of API tools for Salesforce. Now, to allow developers to incorporate Bulk API support into their own PHP applications, the same PHP Bulk API client in Workbench has been released as a standalone library and is available for download. This client takes care of all the REST-based interactions with Salesforce, error handling, and logging, and comes complete with sample code and step-by-step instructions to get you up and running quickly. This client works as a perfect complement to the PHP Toolkit for adding Bulk API support.

For more information and to download Workbench 2.4.17 or the standalone PHP Bulk API Client 17.0, please see:

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