I have had a lot of people asking me when the session recording for my recent Dreamforce presentation Ready To Ride the Google Wave will be available on the internet. Good news is it now available on youtube,  and slides may be downloaded in pdf.

In addition, I have uploaded all the source code from both demonstrations (Sassy the Simple Wave, and Boohyah Mobile.) You will find some simple installation instructions contained within each zip but here is a quick run through of what you will need:


Download the Force.com for Google App Engine toolkit, and follow the instructions on how to set it up.

Quick Steps:

1.  Create a new Google Web Application Project, making sure you uncheck “Use Google Web Toolkit”

GoogleWebAppProject   Uncheck

2. Set up your build path to be similar to screenshot provided. (note most of the jars required will be part of the Force.com for Google App Engine toolkit). Make sure you use Java 1.6

Java build path
3. Download the sample code for Sassy the Simple Wave, or Boohyah Mobile. (I suggest you start with Sassy to get familar with the basics first.) Make sure you pay special attention to the settings in the web.xml, app-engine.xml files.

4. Extend, modify, re-use the code to build some wildly creative Google Wave robots which can interact with Salesforce.com in new and imaginative ways.

Follow-up Items:

When you have built something cool, make sure you tell us about it and share!

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