Phew…what a day! I'm sitting in the middle of this years hackathon completely exhausted from a big day of announcements, and code consultations. There are dozens of people, heads down trying to finish their code in time for the end of the competition. Unlike me, however, the bowed heads represent furious coding, and not exhaustion.

Instead of recapping all the big news from Marc's keynote with a new UI, Salesforce Chatter, and great new features of the Sales and Service Cloud 2, I thought I would have a little fun and pull out my favorite quotes from the keynote. So, without further delay (and because my battery is redlining) here goes:

"slaves to the streams of email messages that happen every day" – Marc Benioff on the need to shift paradigms from the Lotus Notes and Sharepoint era into crowd-sourcing.

"why do I know more about these strangers on the internet than I do about my own employees. " – Marc Benioff on why the Enterprise collaboration needs(ed)  learn from companies such as Twitter and Facebook

And finally, my favorite quote of the keynote comes from Parker Harris when he was discussing the power of Salesforce Chatter with Marc Benioff: "Your apps are talking" 

See you tomorrow at Dreamforce '09

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