Hey folks, heads up: Some big changes are planned for the Developer Force discussion boards! 

The first change is that starting on Thursday, December 10, some of the boards from the CRM community will be moving over to the Developer Force community boards.

The CRM community will be moving to the Answers community and we have made the decision to transfer the following boards based on the nature of their content to Developer Force:

  • Apple, Mac, and OSX
  • Desktop Integration
  • Formulas and Validation Rules
  • Excel Connector
  • Administrator Jobs

We hope that this will serve the members of both communities in the best way, and are working hard for a smooth transition.  We aim to not disrupt the URLs of the boards.

Another change we will be making at some stage after transitioning over the selected CRM community boards is the reorganization of the boards to more logical groupings, and to better align with industry standards. Our aim is to improve the ability of our community members to find the right place for their topic, improve response, and get the right amount of traffic for each board. This reorganization should happen  after we've had a chance to evaluate the impact of moving over the boards listed above. 

Please don't hesitate to voice your questions or comments, either in the comments section of this blog post, or email us directly at developerforce at salesforce dot com. Thanks!

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