I posted this over in the Announcements board on the Discussion board, but it occurred to me to try to sweep in others who may not be regular board visitors also.

I am the new Technical Program Manager here
at salesforce.com, managing many of our programs, including the
Discussion boards.

As a new community manager here, I
thought I'd kick off a giveaway to get you guys going on participating
on Code Share, a place for the
developer community to share projects and solicit feedback… I have a
Flip Camera and an 8GB iPod Nano to give away!

I'll be giving
the Nano to the person who gives the most and/or most valuable ratings
to existing projects (subjectively judged, by me), and the Flip Cam I
will just give away through a drawing to the pool of folk who have
rated and given constructive criticism. Everybody has a chance to win!  Of course, I expect you to have installed and run the code you review!

Just participate by this Friday, and at the end of the day — 5pm PST — I'll take a look and make some decisions on winners.

Good luck and looking forward to getting to know ya'll soon!
Dana Le

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