Grantchance This is a big shout to Tim Inman for building a micro-grant solution on  As some of you
may remember, Tim Inman was a runner-up in one our developer challenges and now he has at it again participating in PayPal X Dev Challenge.

In a nutshell, the idea is that…

"…the first group is people that have a great idea/need/want. The second group is people who have extra resources and would like to "Grant a chance" for someone else to make it big. We will allow people to set up accounts highlighting what their idea/need/want is…then connect them to people who can transfer them money to make it a reality"

From a technical standpoint, this application makes calls to PayPal's new Adaptive API to facilitate payments between sender and receiver.  It's powered by Sites and uses customer portal for authentication and has some nice Google Visualization integration.

Check out his app by going to and clicking on Vote, signing into the PayPal dev network, and then searching for grantachance

Good luck, Tim!

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