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The Chatter Dev Zone is amazing. Almost immediately I knew more (and sometimes too much) about the community. It is a great way to start to collaborate and network. The couple of sample apps that we included in the CDZ were intended to get developers thinking about what was possible if they wanted to extend, or customize Chatter. One of these apps, Chatter Bubbles was born from a simple need: I wanted a place where I could easily 'drop' any new extensions into a profile page. Want rechat, or favorites? Write a component, drop it onto the page—and you are good to go.  What about building ratings, and some analytics? Anyone want to take a shot at that?

Bubble ratings  


If I can drag myself away from the Chatter stream, I'm going to take some time and put together some more components, complete the code from Chatter Bubbles to support 'Show Older' and other FeedPost Types, and package it up to help developers build some more of their own extensions. I already have a bunch of thoughts, and know the other folks on the team are working hard too. But for now, back to it.

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