A few weeks ago, when we launched the Chatter Dev Zone, we also published a Chatter Recipes article. The Chatter Recipes article provided a number of code samples to cover the primary requirements a Chatter developer may encounter. To make access to these code samples even easier, and to facilitate the sharing and collaboration of chatter related code, we have created the Chatter Commons Code Share Project.

Chatter Commons, in the spirit of projects like the Apache Commons, is intended to include common code components, helper classes and utilities for the Chatter Developer. The first of these contributions is the Chatter Recipes code which includes full test code coverage and sample Visualforce pages for each recipe. There are also two new additional recipes—list top 10 entities, and display FeedTrackedChanges—included in the Code Share project.

In addition to the Chatter Recipe code mentioned above, I have also included a Chatter Test Helper Apex class. As many Chatter developers are finding, sufficient data is critical to accurately test your Chatter apps. The ChatterTestHelper contains a number  of utilities designed to address this requirement. 

The genesis of the ChatterTestHelper was to help me build the next component—Chatter Images—I have scheduled to promote into Chatter-Commons. I am sure there are plenty more helper methods other people could think of, and I encourage you all to help make the chatter-commons a great resource for Chatter Development. 

If you have code to contribute, please join the project. If you find the code helpful, please leave a review.

Let’s make it the most active project in code share!

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