I mentioned this over in the Chatter Developer Zone earlier this week, so I thought I'd point it out here as well.

Kevin Wu of salesforce.com put together a Chatter Feed Reader specifically for the iPad, which is now available through the AppExchange. The greater screen real estate means you can view more information about all the objects and people you're following in just a glance, but it is also much more mobile than a laptop — ideal for sales people or those who spend their life in the mobile world.

The Chatter Feed loads super fast, and one of the highlights is that this Feed Reader utilizes GPS to allow users to check in anywhere around the world for location awareness. What could you use it for? Check it on the AppExchange here.

Otherwise, in the Chatter Developer Zone we've had a pretty quiet week. The Developer Force team was extremely busy in the first half of the week with the VMforce announcement, and pushing out all the resources that we can to give you an idea of the implications of VMforce for our developer community. If you somehow missed the hubbub, you can get a primer on VMforce here

In the meantime, we've got a few apps coming up that we're vetting to install in the CDZ so you all can take a look and try playing with them, including a community sourced app from Rich Resnick. If you have an app of your own that you'd like to vet in the org, drop me a line and we can talk! We're making quite a lot of these apps available in the AppExchange so you can pull them down to your own org and riff on them if you so choose. 

Last thing and I'll quit: the Chatter Developer Challenge is launched and I've been hearing great rumors on all the apps folks have been developing. There's still time if you haven't started, so don't feel like you're behind the curve. We should be opening our entry submission shortly, in the next week or two, and we'll be taking submission for about a month before we start the voting and judging. So get going on that killer app!

That's all for now. See you all next week in the CDZ!

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