Just thought I'd round up the going ons in the Chatter Dev Zone this week from my personal perspective…

Activity in the Dev Zone seems to be pretty stable with a steady stream of visitors from week to week. There are quite a lot of people who registered to take part in the CDZ but have never logged in. Why is that? Also, there are many more who have logged in but have never taken part in any discussions — don't be shy! Just a friendly hello to the Developer Force profile's wall (or mine!) introducing yourself to the community would be nice.

Yet another call out to budding Chatter superstar Joel Dietz for his Chatter/Google Wave mashup; His implementation won "Best Use of Embedded API" in the recent mashable.com contest – Congratulations, Joel!

This week we installed Marco Casalaina's ChatMetrix app in the CDZ, but ultimately due to an oversight by us, it can not run properly due to the API restrictions for most of the users in the CDZ. Instead, I took a couple of screen shots and blogged about it. See that post here — it includes a link to the app on AppExchange. I promise you, this is a very cool interface for Chatter; be sure to pull it down to your own org and play with it.

The competition is heating up for the Chatter Developer Challenge! Quinton Wall slyly mentions a demo vid he saw of one of the submissions, but doesn't link us to it in CDZ. I'm also seeing numerous mentions from folks who are working on an idea… I love it! Feel free to collaborate and form teams. The first prize is a pretty sweet mix of Apple product goodness. You can find out more here, if you haven't already got the details. 

All Force dot commers who live in the bay area, Appathoner is hosting a
Chatter Appathon event in Mountain View on Saturday, May 8th at the Hacker Dojo. I'm gathering more details and will blog more extensively about it shortly.  The registration page is here.

For all those who are reading this and wondering what the Chatter Dev Zone is, it is an environment that all the Chatter Developer Preview participants have joined in order to interact with others and observe first hand how Chatter enhances existing applications. If you want to participate, all you have to do is sign up here to get your CDZ login.

If anyone has a particular call out, don't be shy, let me know so I can highlight any particularly valuable conversations or contributions, or just add any of your own callouts in the comments below. Thanks for reading, happy Chattering!

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