I guess by now you have noticed that we are excited about the impending Summer '10 release. There are some great new features of the platform that will really make developers lives easier. I blogged on cookies in Sites the other day, Umit highlighted URL rewriting, and today I wanted to talk about improvements in dependent picklists. 

Summer 10 now allows you add your dependent picklists to a Visualforce page with no need to include any additional Javascript or custom controller logic. That's huge. It is one of those things best demonstrated with a quick video. In the video below I have two dependent picklists: Make, and Model to represent a relationship between car makes and models: ford-mustang, dodge-viper etc. 


Now that we have our dependencies defined, lets add our picklists to a Visualforce page: (and yes this is all the code needed in Summer '10!)


That all cool, but lets see it in action. A video is worth more than a thousand words!

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