1st Boston Force.com Developer Meetup is tonight at 6pm! | Salesforce Developers Blog

For all you folks that are in the Boston area, you do not want to miss the 1st Boston Force.com Developer Meetup starting at 6pm at the Forefront Center, Waltham, Massachusetts. We still have room for you. Here are the details on the two tracks.

Track 1: Intro to Force.com Workshop

those new to Force.com, this track will get you up and building apps in
the cloud in no time. The track first introduces you to the Force.com
platform and then turns it over to you to create your first cloud app
via step-by-step tutorials.

Track 2: Learn to Develop Custom Chatter Apps

track will introduce Chatter from a developer perspective. It shall
describe the Chatter data model, demonstrate, using sample
applications, how Chatter may be customized, and walk through code
examples of performing the most common Chatter development scenarios
such as updating a users status, listing followers and subscribers, and
working with profile images

Click here for more details about the event and how to reserve a seat.

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