As promised, the articles written to support the Build and Deploy A Free Cloud App track for todays Cloudforce are now live! Each article, designed to build upon the last tells the story of Forcefield Advertising, a fictitious advertising company which needs to track requests from their account executives for new Apple IPads. Chuck, Forcefield's one-and-only IT guy, realizes that he can build a request tracking application using the Free Edition, and become the company superstar. 

Cloudforce San Jose

Will Chuck succeed by delivering a live cloud app to up to 100 users for free and on time? Read the articles, and/or attend the sessions at this years Cloudforce/Developer Conference and find out!

But wait……(I feel like the Ginzu knife commercial.) We don't have just one article: As a special bonus you get two more best practices articles to help you build amazing free cloud apps. That's three articles in one blog post. If this post was a watermelon (you have to watch the youtube video to get that joke!), we would have just split it wide open!

So, is you mind as sharp as a Ginzu? Need a little mental Flint Stone? Don't wait, get the articles now!  

Article 1: Gathering Requirements, Defining Data Model, Formula Fields and Lookup Filters

Article 2: Adding Custom Logic and UI with Apex and Visualforce

Article 3: Quality Assurance and Deployment.

Finally, if you are planning on attending today's Cloudforce/Developer Conference, we are going to build the Request Tracking App during the three sessions.  The sessions are going to be hands on (bring your laptop!) and move pretty quickly. In other words—you might not have enough time to read all the detail. To ensure you get the most out of the sessions, I have also put together an abbreviated worksheet with the steps and code available as a sort of cheat-sheet.

For those who can not make it in person, the articles are intended to ensure everyone gets access to  learn more about best practices developing Free Cloud Apps on the platform. Your mind will be sharp enough to cut a rubber pipe, and still build some awesome cloud apps once you have read the series!

See you in the afternoon in Room J!

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