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Next week, June 22nd in San Jose, Cloudforce rolls into town. And it is going to be big! Directly after the Cloudforce Expo the Developer Conference kicks into high gear with some great tracks including Building your Next-Generation Cloud 2 Apps, Deep Dives with Chatter, just to name a few. This year I have been tasked with a series of three sessions titled "Build and Deploy A Free App".


 During the three sessions, we will get hands on and build an application right from requirements gathering, designing your data model, adding custom business logic with Apex, custom UIs with Visualforce, and finally QA and deployment. We are going to use the Free Edition to allow us to work within a Sandbox prior to pushing to production. And just in case you missed it, this is a hands on track. Bring your laptop, lots of coffee and your imagination. In the end, you will have a live production app for up to 100 users.

The tracks, and material, will move at a decent pace. If you are new to the platform but have  a development background, an administrator who needs to understand Application lifecycle and is interested in learning more about Apex or Visualforce, or even if you are an experienced developer, there should be enough material, and opportunity for creative expression to keep everyone working hard. The only requirement is that you come, laptop in hand, ready to get coding. (we will also have plenty of support staff to help if you have questions)

Of course, you will get the most out of the track if you attend all three sessions, but there are so many other good tracks during the event that this may not be possible. Don't we have that covered too. Each track will be supported by a detailed article which will be published on In addition to the discussion of what we will be building, each article will include the full code used in the session as each an unmanaged package or as individual class and Visualforce page files. 

As mentioned above, we will be using Free Edition (FFE) during the sessions. For many, Free Edition may be something you have not looked at previously. I encourage you to take a few  minutes to check out what FFE has to offer. IMO it is one of the hidden gems available to customers and developers who want to try cloud computing.  

Over the next week, I will post regular blog updates announcing the availability of the three articles in the "Build And Deploy a Free App" series. Check them out, register for the sessions and get coding. This is going to be fun!!

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