It is the end of a busy week here in the developer marketing group. Cloudforce2 San Jose was a lot of fun, with plenty of activity from Chatter going live, Developer Hackathons, Chatter Dev Challenge Winners announced, lots of new content available on and more. If this was any other company other than Salesforce, I would be looking forward to a little break, but just like, we keep moving forward and innovating.

Next week some of the team: Nick, KP and I are off to one of my favorite cities—Boston—for a Developer Meetup and some other developer events. The meetup format—casual, relaxed learning and networking—is something which is rapidly becoming one of my favorite events to participate in and attend. The informal nature of the meetups let you have some fun in what you present and involve the audience more. The outcome is you get to meet more people and learn as much from them as you, as a presenter/facilitator, hope to educate the attendees.


Boston is only the beginning however. On July 12th, we have our next meetup in San Jose at the Paypal campus where we will focusing on e-commerce and the Paypal-X toolkit. IMO e-commerce demostrates such a huge opportunity for innovation, and market opportunity that companies like Cloud Conversion are already building a great business on.

What is next after Boston and Paypal? If you blink, Dreamforce will be on your doorstep too. But we have many more things in store between then and now including updates to the Facebook Toolkit, Google Android, HTML5, some more content on development lifecycle, plenty more Chatter apps, just to name a few. Oh, and don't forget, we will have another release of the platform by that time too!

One thing you quickly realize about working for Salesforce, and being part of the cloud computing industry is that things move fast, and innovation is no longer tethered to individual companies offerings. Clouds converge, they leverage, they participate, and they all innovate. Sometimes I think of the cloud analogy as being somewhat misnamed. It is almost as if the space should be called Sky Computing, and the clouds are the platforms. An individual cloud can offer rain, shelter, and sustenance. A bunch of clouds can provide electricity and change an ecosystem. 

But the path is clear, leverage the cloud, you make it to the sky, and then you can reach the stars.

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