As anyone who needs to create a commercial website knows, it is painful to deal with all the aspects of infrastructure, platform settings, setting the website, figuring out the page setup, linking the user management and authentication, setting up the payment system all on your own. 

Of course, this is where Sites development with comes in to help in focusing on the app, and the needs of setting a professional website for e-commerce along with PayPal X Toolkit. As part of, Sites allow you to focus on the requirements not on wasting your time on the gluing the painful infrastructure elements that make up a website. As usual, developing a commercial website is partially declerative and partially programmatic exercise, where the focus would be on the app and the integration. 

On Monday, I am giving a talk on commercial website development with at PayPal HQ at a meetup along with my colleague Praveen Alavilli from PayPal. The purpose of the track is to provide a conceptual look at all of the Sites features that help in creating e-Commerce websites. I will not focus on how to build an app in, but all the auxilary things you must to do make sure that your app is commerce ready, the features you need to understand or may consider to incorporate. Instead of looking at bits and pieces of features, you will find a comprehensive intro and pointer to all of them in one talk. I hope to convert this to an article so that it is a one-stop shop for any developer who is building a website in the near future. Afterwards, Praveen will deep dive into the Paypal toolkit and how it will benefit developers to create a commercial site. Especially if you have missed our webinars, or you have not looked into website development with all the new features, this is the place to be.  Our hope is that you can use all the techniques you have learned in those two sessions to go ahead and start building a commercial website using Sites and PayPay toolkit and be successful in the platform. 

Come and join us on Monday evening on July 12th.  Here is a pointer to the event.

BTW, Aren't meetups great? This new trend is so very helpful not only for our community but building a variety of communities; whether it is Android, HTML5 development, agile computing in learning from experts, sharing ideas, solving problems together.  We, developers, architects, technologists, hobbyists can all benefit thanks to the widely popular meetups. There is a meetup near you on your favorite topic to get together and learn. If there is not, start one. Invite the experts. If you build it, they may come and you get to meet and collaborate with people like you.

This one is free. You also get fed in the process. 

Hope to see you there.

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