Check out the Explorer (beta) – a cross-platform database tool for, well, exploring your database!

If you’re at all familiar with Apex Explorer or SoqlXplorer, you’ll know what it is. It’s not quite as fleshed out as the other tools, yet, but we do hope to stay on top of it. Right now you can explore your schema, nip down the tree of fields and child relationships in an object, right click on an object and generate a schema report (PDF included!), and execute SOQL queries.

There are a couple of known issues listed on the download page in the Known Issues section – I’ll try and stay on top of them to make sure they’re up to date. I’ll also try and note which bugs are nailed in various releases (we’ve already had a minor release since yesterday). Stay tuned to the blog (and probably a little more to our twitter feed) for updates. (The in-app update mechanism isn’t working yet – we’ll get that fixed too 😉 )

In the mean time, have fun – and let us know of any bugs you find. In the future, we hope to add many more features – especially output (copying to clipboard, exporting etc.).

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