A few months ago Salesforce announced VMforce as a way to bring Java developers to the cloud. Since the announcement, product management, engineering, marketing and all the other members of the VMforce team have been working hard to make this product as ground-breaking as the announcement. From a developers perspective, it is important to recognize that it is not just Java, and in particular Spring, developers can begin to leverage the power of the Force.com platform, existing Force.com developers should also be aware of what this announcement means to them.


So, where do you get started? Check out the following upcoming webinars, and make sure you register for the one (or both) which is most appropriate to you. Dates, and times are available via the register link above.

  • VMforce Webinar 1: Spring for Force.com Developers

    This webinar assumes knowledge of Force.com, and looks at Spring and VMforce development, including:

    • Architecture – how VMforce differs from Apex and Visualforce
    • User Interface – Spring’s MVC framework
    • Persistence – Accessing data on Force.com from Spring
  • VMforce Webinar 2: Cloud Computing for Java Developers

    This webinar assumes knowledge of Java, and looks at Force.com and cloud computing, including:

    • Application Lifecycle – On premise & cloud-based development, testing and deployment
    • Persistence – Force.com as a database
    • Services in the Cloud – User Management, Security/Access Control, Search, Reporting and more

I look forward to seeing you on the webinars!

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