Perhaps this is showing my techie side, but I always remember a scene out of The Fifth Element with Bruce Willis where the villian, Zorg, is interrogating Bruce and knocks a glass off the table shattering it on the floor. With a flurry of motion, a small robot appears to clean up the mess. Zorg, in typical Bhuddism fashion explains that even destruction and chaos create life and necessity. I often think of URL shorteners in a similar fashion. Prior to the explosion of twitter and the world of 160 character messages, had anyone but those in the IT industry heard of, let alone used shortener services such as


If you haven't taken a look on the appexchange of late (shame on you), you may have missed a very cool 100% native URL shortener from Labs. Check out LinkForce now:

LinkForce: A URL Shortener from Jonathan Hersh on Vimeo.

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