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Hope you have noticed that we have an upcoming webinar on Spring Development on August 26th. Here is the pointer and some more information about this event, especially our guest speaker Josh Long. 

The whole purpose of the VMforce Foundations Series is to bridge the gap between two communities. First, we want to introduce Spring framework and development model to developers. Then we would like to present to Java developers who are new to cloud computing.

When I pinged several of experienced developers in our community, it became obvious that introduction to hands on end2end Spring development is desirable. The idea is to learn Spring framework as well as practical concerns, i.e. how to develop and debug an application in Spring using the development tools, how to construct an app, where you get and how you work with the sample apps, how you can connect to databases, what  a build environment looks like, etc.: basically the practical developer hands on perspective in beginning to utilize Spring. Yep, you may hear about Maven too.

We are very excited that Josh Long, who is a developer advocate at VMware, is going to be the main presenter in this first webinar of the Foundations series. Josh is well known in the Spring community and is an expert in Spring and Java development. He has been using the Spring framework and related technologies since its debut to build highly scalable systems in many industry verticals. He has written two books on Spring, including the Apress' forthcoming "Spring Recipes, 2nd Edition". He is a frequent speaker at conferences, such as SpringOne, The ServerSide Symposium, The Irish Software Show, JavaZone in Oslo, Java2Days in Bulgaria, and Java user groups, etc. He is also a frequent contributor to InfoQ.

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