The other day I posted a blog entry demoing some HTML5 touch apps I have been working on. Within that post I mentioned that I had to 'roll my own' REST implementation (just as others out in the community have done). Not wanting to re-invent the wheel, I spent some time with the Alex Toussaint (REST PM) and Chuck Mortimore (everything security) over the past week to see if I could get my hands on the upcoming official REST APIs. 


Check out the following video which demonstrates a Java webapp using oAuth2 to authenticate against Salesforce, and then doing a REST request to retrieve a list of contact names and titles using the query parameter. The REST API also supports information returned as JSON objects, just in case you needed any more awesomeness on a Monday morning. 

This quick demo app only shows a small subset of what the REST API supports. Stay tuned for more information around Dreamforce for some great sessions covering this highly anticipated feature of the platform.

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