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One of the most popular Force.com Labs apps over the last few months is "Find Nearby Accounts".  On Friday, we released a great update that improves the user experience and app performance while adding features.  Check out the video at the bottom of the post.

A couple of important details:

* The Maps API key now calls out from your IP address using Javascript rather than SFDC's IP address and remote site call outs.  This allows you to take full advantage of the free API calls instead of sharing a pool of free API calls with other customers.

* The package is now managed rather than unmanaged.  Additional versions are coming soon.  This should include both something that works on PE and an unmanaged version you can adapt to other objects you might want to use with the app.

* The post install experience is great!  It includes a dedicated setup tab, detailed video walk throughs of each step and videos describing error conditions and how to correct them.

The new version is live on the AppExchange right now.  Check it out!  Have a question?  Please post it on the discussion boards.

Find Nearby – Accounts, Contacts, Leads – Managed, EE/UE/DE – New Release from Force.com Labs

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