Arizona State University has been teaching at the Phoenix campus. Tomorrow I'll be traveling there to help kick off the semester for two MIS classes who will come up to speed on the platform and build a business app while competing for prizes this semester! The heat will be on me to jump start these students, figuratively and literally!

I just checked the weather report, and while San Francisco has been suffering the foggy doldrums all summer long with daytime temperatures in the high 50's and low 60's, Phoenix is going to be a SCORCHING 111 Fahrenheit tomorrow — Holy cow! I'm not sure I've ever been in weather like that. Please share tips on how to survive!

Meanwhile, my talk tomorrow at ASU is coming together. I'll be covering cloud computing and the business case, and how to get started developing with Any particular topics that you developers wish had been covered up front that I should make sure to include in my talk? Our university program has been in pilot but we're hoping to take away our experiences here and expand our offerings to other universities all around the country. 

Wish me luck in the heat!

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