Labs just released Closed Loop Marketing, a great app that Ryan Lavallee, one of our NJ sales engineers, has been working on for a while.

The basic premise is simple:

* Create a campaign of a special record type and add members.
* Once members are added, the system will send them an email using workflow email alerts.
* These customized emails contain a link to more information.
* When the user clicks on the link, it creates a web activity record.
* If the web activity record matches a criteria for a "hot" lead, the campaign member owner is notified, also via workflow email alerts.

It took me about 30 minutes to set up in a clean developer org.  That included customizing a couple of email templates and setting up a new site.  Once configured, it worked immediately — very cool.

Screen shot 1: Campaign configuration.

Picture 10

Screen shot 2: Here's the email I receive when I'm added to the campaign.  Note: this template is completely configurable.

  Picture 11

Screen shot 3: Here's the landing page they see when they click the link.  This is also fully customizable.  I've created only the bare minimum for this example.

Picture 12

Screen shot 4: Here's the Web Activity record created when the user clicks on the "My Title" link above.  Note that the temperature here is "warm."  If this were hot, the contact owner would have been notified.

Picture 13

Great, comprehensive intro video over on the main listing.  Questions?  Just ask.


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