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The Developer Meetup bus is off to Dallas for our next stop on October 13th. I will be presenting on some of the new features of Chatter, and some code recipes to get you cooking in the Advanced Track while Dana Le will be stirring up a big heaping of Intro to in the New to the Platform Track.

If you have been to any of our other meetups, you probably know the drill by now: lots of fun, food, conversation, and this time because we are in the Lone Star state where everything is big we will giving away some big prizes—two iPod touches! 


We haven't been to Dallas for a while, and now is a great time for us to come back. I spent last night at a recruiting event in San Francisco where we were talking (and eating…oh yes, lots of eating! We seem to do that a lot if you haven't worked it out yet) to a bunch of folks eager to join And if you haven't heard SALESFORCE.COM IS HIRING. If you are interested, make sure you bring a copy of your resume to the Dallas meetup too as we have a number of open positions within Developer Marketing too.

So, get your boots on, and join us for the next meetup. Register now.

Cowboy up!

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