It's been a couple months since we made the first iteration of Secure Cloud Development resources available. Since that time we've made several improvements, including adding new security (and code quality) checks to our Source Scanner and several updates to the ESAPI library based on requests from the community.

The resources have gotten many kudos, including my favorite from @jeffdonthemic "I *heart* the security scanner.  Use it with every project". Comments to us about how "invaluable" or how the resources are "your app's best friend" really make all the work we put into making these resources available worth every late night.

The best part though is direct feedback we get from our customers at We want to ensure the Secure Cloud Development resources are accurate, accessible, easy to understand, and certainly not overwhelming. The security concepts we cover are new to many developers, and it's our responsibility to communicate and share these resources in a way that makes all of you successful in building trusted applications.

If there are any suggestions on improvements we can make to the current resources, new resources that would help, or other ideas, let us know! We're going to ramp up the amount of content we post here, so keep a lookout for more news and helpful guidance. In addition, we will also be launching some contests where you can win exciting prizes. 


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