Right about now I am on my way to Cloudforce London to meet up with Jon Mountjoy and have some fun with the Force.com Developer community. Before I left however, I wanted to remind you of this Thursday's (September 9th) VMforce webinar I will be co-presenting with Jesper Joergesen, Director of Product Management here at Salesforce.com. This webinar is the second in the series, and is targeted towards Java developers, and how they can take advantage of VMforce. For many Java Developers, the last thing they saw on VMforce was during Marc's announcement back in April. 

The main theme of the webinar is to demonstrate how, with VMforce, we are bringing the cloud to Java Developers: develop the way you are already familiar with, connect to the Force.com Database, and deploy to the cloud.

I have to admit that my favorite part of these webinars is writing the demos. It's a great chance to play with the latest technology, and share it with the community on the webinar and developer.force.com. Wait to you see what is in store for the demos this time. I promise, you have never seen working with Force.com like this before! 

If you haven't already registered, jump over and do it now, then watch the first webinar in the series and read the FAQs. We have two sessions to ensure folks around the world are able to attend. I will actually be presenting from London so no 4am wake up for me this time (sorry guys in HQ, you still have to get into the office early, but I am sure KP is buying Starbucks!)

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