We're introducing a new series of security blog posts, aptly titled "Spot the Bug".  In them we'll show flaws in code that can be introduced when building on Force.com.  We'll try to run these every week or two for as long as we have new issues to illustrate and our hope is that they get progressively more difficult as we go.

Prizes?  We've got 'em.  We'll be giving out a $25 Amazon gift card for the first person to spot the issue and another $25 gift card for the first person to fix the code correctly (it can be the same person).  Subscribe to the feeds if you want to be one of the first to see the posts:  http://feeds.feedburner.com/SforceBlog.

To win, simply add your thoughts to the appropriate post.  We'll followup with the comments to let folks know what the right answer is.

Best of luck!


I'm planning on leaving comments open completely for a couple days before I announce who has the answer we're looking for.  That way folks outside of my time zone have a chance to contribute.  Also, to make this slightly more subjective… 😉  I'm not necessarily going to pick the person with the first correct answer.  Quality is more important than speed.  The first time we had a lot of quick answers, with very little explanation.  I want this to be educational for other readers, so I'm looking for slightly more than just a three word answer.

This is a work in progress – we'll alter the rules as we go to make it fair and fun.

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