There seems to be a buzz in the air these days; an underlying hum of activity ready to explode. Yes, everyone is talking about Cloud Computing. A recent Gartner survey suggests that Cloud Computing Services represents approximately 10% of External IT Services spending with an increase in private cloud spending (43%). It appears that the cloud is here to stay. And rightly so.

But that's not it. Perhaps the hum is caused by the prevailing winds which are blowing towards apps which I covered in a recent blog post. In that post, I highlighted that Information is King. Delivery is secondary, and should be a feature of all platforms of the future. Maybe that's it?

No, I think there is something more, something more subtle. ReadWriteWeb carried an article which hints at the possibility of perhaps what this something more is. The article highlights the announcement by Evri, a company I had not previously heard of, that they are now a mobile company. Great. Check off the mobile box in corporate strategy. But the more powerful is statement is what Evri does. Sarah Perez, the articles author, describes Evri as providing a "semantic content discover engine for real time content". 

Imagine not just having the right information, but having relevant, focused, self-describing information in real-time. Mash this up with Social Networks like Chatter, Facebook, Twitter et al. and you have something truly game changing! Forget how it is delivered, that's the easy part! 

Tim Berners-Lee—you remember that guy, he invented something called the World Wide Web—has been talking about the semantic web for a while now. (Here is a great article available to subscribers of Scientific American, or you can read more here (don't forget to check out the last modified date — 1998!) 

I think that's it. The hum I am feeling is the convergence of modern technologies for real-time social networks and semantic content discovery. If I'm right, I think it is going to be more of a stampede to capitalize on this space.

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