Thanks to all who attended last weeks VMforce webinar. There was an active Question and Answer session at the end where we answered as many questions as we could in the time available. As promised, we collated the questions and produced an FAQ covering the common questions that asked over both sessions. I'm happy to announce that the FAQ page is available now. Of course, VMforce is still evolving and specifics may (and are likely to ) change between now and when the product is available. But hey, we are developers, we are used to change, and the cutting edge. The more information early the better!

Still craving more VMforce goodness? Make sure you register for the next webinar in the series, titled VMforce – Cloud Computing for Java Developers on September 9th. This time we are going to flip the perspective and focus on Java developers new to and the cloud. We are going to discuss the Database, services available on the platform and connectivity options including JPA for VMforce. 

I will be co-presenting with Jesper Joergesen, VMforce Product Management Director. Just like the first webinar, there will be a lot of active discussions, some cool demos, and more Q&A. See you there!

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