PayPay Innovate X – Opportunity A Plenty | Salesforce Developers Blog

I'm over at the PayPal Innovate X conference today, presenting at 3pm with Jon Jessup from Cloud Conversion. The vibe is very different from that of SpringOne last week which was very tech-centric. The PayPal events typically attract a mix of business and developer types which makes for an interesting mix of conversations and sessions. 

 One of the interesting aspects of PayPal events is the increased focus on B2C, specifically around payments and e-commerce (what a surprise). InternetRetailer suggests that by 2014 8% of all retail sales will be conducted online. In monetary terms that $250 million a year —not small change in anyone's book!

Maya Angelou once said that humans at their best can only make opportunities. If that is true then I see a LOT of opportunity to build really innovative B2C apps with based on what I am seeing at the conference. This opportunity is even more compelling when retailers are attempting to customize the buying experience more and more by offering personalization. With Jigsaw, as an example, I can imagine real-time personalization based on the most current data available upon a persons online presence.

For now I guess I better get back to prepping for my session.


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