It's that time of the month again. I just finished looking through some of our facts and figures for the month, and took a look at what people are doing on our website. The discussion board is, as always, my primary focus to understand how our community interacts and how active folks have been.

Remember that this year we'll be having an appreciation get-together at Dreamforce for our community members who have been an integral part of supporting their fellow devs in our community. Know anybody who deserves special kudos? Email me and let me know so I can give them the callout they deserve!

This past month's top five contributors in the developer discussion boards by handle were:
– Hisrinu
– Bob_buzzard
– SteveMo
– SunnyG
– Paul-lmi

So, an interesting mix of new names and familiar ones. Take a moment and hug your favorite discussion board buddy today! Or, email one of them and invite them to get together for a beer at Dreamforce! It's only two months away now, so start thinking about all your possible networking opportunities.

Thanks everyone for your great contributions again this month!

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