The Cookbook is in beta, and we’ve recently added some back-end functionality to easily allow me (and other editors) direct access to the recipes as they’d appear to the end user.  We’ve also made it easier to share the recipes back to the author if edits are required.  That, combined with a full day of editing, has resulted in a great stack of cool recipes going live today.  Here they are:

We’ll be adding a few more backend cookbook features by popular request – one of which is drafts – letting you create half a recipe, as it were – and come back to it at a later stage.

We’ll also be working on some workflow and automation queues, letting us distribute the load of editing incoming recipes – hopefully resulting in a faster time to market!

All of this will happen, however, after I get back from my vacation!  See you in two weeks 😉  In the mean time, please do think of additional recipes that will benefit all.

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