I've been a little quiet leading up to #DF10.  Sorry.  Focused on future events. But, meanwhile, we've published A RECORD 16 new apps in the first part of this month.

Wow! Let's take a look. Click through for more details.

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Take Me There — Produces a QR Code on the Account and Contact screens that, when scanned by a smartphone, provides the phone's GPS with coordinates to the address of the account or contact.

Syndicated Knowledge — Quickly put part (or all) of your knowledge base on any page of your website.

QR Mobile Self Service — Allows you to generate a QR Code (2 dimensional barcode) which, when scanned from a smartphone, launches a self service application powered for Force.com Sites.

LeadNet — Capture leads from Lead Aggregators like lendingtree, lowermybills, etc.

HR Policy Tracking — Helps human resources departments with the difficult but necessary tasks of tracking HR violations, maintaining evidence of those infractions, and disciplining employees.

Gestion de Projets — French language project management app. L’application de Gestion de Projet est une solution simple a utiliser offrant un module centralisé pour gérer les principaux aspects de vos projets, y compris leurs statuts, dates de début et fin, heures allouées, budget utilisé.

AppExchange App Performance Dashboard — This dashboard summarizes Installs, Test Drives, Demo's, dupe installs, and other lead sources from AppExchange leads.

Private Messages — Send messages to users within your salesforce org, without ever having to leave your application. Since the messages are private, you will not be able to see messages sent to other users.

FileExporter — a utility that automates Data Loader to extract all files, then unencrypts them on the fly.

Custom Quote Synch (Unmanaged and Managed) — This app allows you to configure custom fields mapping between Opportunity and Quote, and custom fields on OpportunityLineItem and QuoteLineItem. The mapped fields will be synchronized automatically similar to the standard Quote Sync process.

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CMSForce2 — A Force.com native web Content Management System. It allows you to define templates for your web pages and create/edit pages with a WYSIWYG HTML editor. It also includes a web form builder to move visitor entered information into any object in Salesforce.

Cloud Swarm 2 Managed (Unmanaged) — Allows users to auto-follow Opportunities and Cases in Chatter.

Chatter Leaderboard — Chatter Leaderboard lets you stay on top of the game without having to read through hundreds of Chatter posts. Chatter Leaderboard aggregates the most active/popular users and groups in your org, and brings them all together in one simple view.

Chatter Green Feeds — Chatter Green Feeds brings you everyday green tips and news to help you and your company become more environmentally-responsible.

Carbon Footprint Tracking — This simple application allows you to quickly track total carbon associated with an opportunity related customer visits.

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