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Flask.big.3 Labs and the Sustainability department recently teamed up to see if we could find a few Eco / Green related apps.  We put out the call and had three great submissions.  Let's take a look! Labs Publishes More Than 240 Free Apps – Follow @ForceDotComLabs

Carbon Tracker – Measure the Impact of Business Travel

If you've ever been at the airport early Monday morning, you know the impact of business travel: huge lines, full planes, lots of fuel and lots of carbon.  Carbon Tracker helps you measure carbon creation per user, customer and opportunity.

Picture 10  

Green Feeds – Raise Eco Awareness in Your Chatter Feed

Green Feeds helps bring quality environmental impact information right into your org using Chatter.  It includes four different feeds as well as two custom Chatter groups.  You can easily schedule your feeds to come in every morning and users can simply join the groups to see data in their feeds.

Picture 11

Green Rider – Ride Share / Car Pool Management Application

Green Rider is a Flex / app that helps users arrange ride shares to and from the office.  It includes a nice integration with Google Maps, Chatter integration that let's users talk about the rides as well as a great Flex interface for putting everything together.

Picture 12
All three apps are great additions to the Labs catalog.  Try one today!


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