You know you're a geek when it takes you longer to write a 'Hello World' blog post than it would take you to write your first 'Hello World' app in a new language/platform that you're trying to learn (Android in my case).  This geek in particular would like to introduce himself as the newest member of the Developer Evangelism team.


First, a little about me. Prior to joining the Developer Evangelism team I was a member of the Professional Services Organization. Prior to that, I was an Enterprise Architect specializing in SOA and Java centric implementations. Prior to that, dinosaurs roamed the earth.


As a Technical Architect I’ve had the opportunity to help architect and develop many cutting-edge custom applications on the platform. That experience has given me an invaluable perspective into how our customers are using the power of the Platform to solve real-world business problems and some of the challenges and innovative solutions that they encounter/develop along the way. I hope to apply this end-user perspective to all my interactions with the Developer Community – i.e. I’ll try and walk in your shoes as much as I possibly can (blisters and all!).


I believe that Cloud Computing in general and the Platform in particular are at a critical inflection point where people are starting to ask themselves ‘how could we not?’ instead of ‘should we?’. For a technologist like me, there can be nothing more exciting than getting front row seats to this once-in-a-decade evolution and I hope to inspire (and be inspired) by the Developer Community en route.


I will of course be at Dreamforce 2010 as well as at the ‘Woodstock for Cloud Developers’ – Cloudstock. Please do say hello if you run into me at either event and let me know if there is any way I can help.


My first blog post and the first World Series ring for my hometown Giants – not a bad first week! Now, let’s code.

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