I was really happy about the number of folks who took the quiz and the interest in it.  More-so, I was completely surprised that we had someone actually score 100% on the quiz given its difficulty.  I was even more blown away when I woke up on 12/1 and saw that three folks had scored 100%!

To everyone, congrats and I hope it was useful.  Without further ado, here are your winners:

  1. Shamil Arsunukayev – Comity Designs
  2. Rajendra Singh Ogra – Metacube Software
  3. Arvind Chaudhary – freelancing


Shamil won the RC Helicopter and Rajendra/Arvind will receive some nice Amazon gift cards.  Special thanks to Shamil who pointed out to us that some of the code snippets had additional flaws in it that we knew about, but didn't expect folks to find.  That's above and beyond what we expected 🙂

Thanks to everyone again who took the quiz.  I'll followup in the next week or so with another post highlighting the areas where quiz scores were the lowest and some resources we have to help along with those.


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