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If you read this great post by Josh and are an Android developer/aficionado, you might think that we've forgotten about you. Nothing could be further from the truth. In addition to all the great toolkits listed by Josh (to recap, a partial list of toolkits that are currently available –  RESTRuby,  FlexPHPJava, iPhone and iPad,  Google AppsAmazon Web ServicesPayPal ), we also have a toolkit for Android.

The toolkit is designed for Android developers that need to access and/or manipulate data stored in It exposes a simple and intuitive Java interface to the developer (methods like 'login', 'create', 'update', 'query' etc.) to access data. The developer is shielded from the underlying implementation details of connecting to Salesforce (the toolkit uses the Salesforce Web Services API under the covers) and can focus on building awesome Android apps.

Toolkits for Java, .NET, Android, iOS, Ruby, PHP and Flex (among others). Notice a trend? No matter what your platform or device, you can connect with Salesforce using our open, standards based SOAP or REST APIs. And you of course have the option of developing native applications on our enterprise strength, trusted and scalable cloud platform.

Happy coding and best of luck with the Hackathon. 

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