Are we having a great time at Dreamforce, or what? As the conference winds down, I know the temptation on is to skip out early Thursday and go drink beer with your developer buddies over at Thirsty Bear, but please try to stick around long enough to indulge me for just one more activity.

On Thursday from 10:30-11:30 we're hosting a Developer Community focus group in the Lightning Forum within the Developer Zone. That's the open space with the little clamshell towards the southern end of the Zone.

We've been calling the space a "forum" because we're interested in having a two-way conversation with YOU. Specifically for the focus group, we're interested in hearing from you specifically about what you think is going well with the developer-focused programs, and what needs improvement. Share with us your ideas on how to make our community run better or any new programs we can add to help you all become more effective and happy coders!

Myself and Katie, a new member of the Developerforce team, will be hanging out in the space during that time, so be sure to come by and introduce yourself and bring all your great ideas. We look forward to meeting you in person!

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