I recently switched groups within Salesforce.com, going from the Professional Services organization to the Developer Evangelism team (bye-bye crappy airport food). As you might imagine, I still have many former co-workers in the PS team that I’m good friends with and would like to continue keeping in touch with. One such friend got a well deserved promotion last week. As is common in most organizations, the announcement was emailed out to an internal email alias. The problem was that I’m no longer part of that email alias and in the old days I might have never known about the promotion.

I did however find out about his promotion (earlier than even the email blast as it turned out). I still follow him on Chatter and as soon as the news became official, people started posting their congratulations on his Chatter feed and I was immediately in the loop. This is exactly the kind of collaboration that Chatter was designed for. This is exactly what Cloud 2 is all about – a more social, more collaborative and ultimately more productive enterprise using the Facebook/Twitter paradigms that we’re so used to in our personal lives.

You might think that finding about a co-worker's promotion via Chatter is a trivial and ultimately unimportant use case. I beg to differ. In fact, once I found out about his promotion via Chatter I called him up to offer my congratulations. We got to talking and before we knew it, we had cooked up a possible joint-project between our two teams. Breaking down organizational boundaries is something that Chatter has helped Salesforce.com do and I believe it can do the same for many of our customers. Got any good Chatter stories of your own to share?


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