Last year (whoa that seems so long ago!) during Dreamforce we launch a whole bunch of new toolkits, most of them using Github to promote social coding. We are already seeing a lot of collaboration from the community which is great. For many, Git, and Github as a version control system is unfamilar. Thankfully both do an amazing job of making things easy.

To get you started, and hopefully nudge more collaboration, I wanted to call out a few tutorials and guides which should help as you start your year of collaborative coding:

1.  - bookmark this site and use it often. It has 95% of what you need on a daily basis. It includes Git basics as well as Github collaborative instructions such as forking a project and pull requests.


2. - great resource and worth a read, although it is a longer read. If you want the facts, go to the cheat sheets above.

3. - Fantastic resource. Being a writer, this is how I think books—especially technical ones—will be written more and more as time goes on. (This is one of my dreams for the year, to write more collaborative books for the community!)

I'm a pragmatic type of guy; three links is plenty for a post, any more and you spend more time reading docs and tutorials than trying things out. Again, thanks for collaborating.

$ git commit -m 'Happy New Year'


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