The title might be a mouthful, but this update in Spring ‘11 will be a welcome change to anyone who has spent a late night on a conference call with ten other developers trying to untwine the debug logs to see which trigger it is that is taking 7 out of the 20 precious DML statements and bringing down an application.

With Spring ‘11, triggers are no longer held to their own context and will have the same DML limits as everything else you’re coding.  Additionally, the limit itself is raised to 150 statements, so even your controllers will have some more breathing room.

And if that wasn’t enough – the maximum number of rows that SOQL can handle will go from 10,000 to 50,000.  One of the things I love about developing on is that it seems every year, it makes tricks I used last year to handle such limits obsolete, but this year seems like the spring release is going the extra mile.

Find out more about this in detail by checking out the release website, and sign up for the Spring ‘11 webinar to see the changes in action and chat with us directly about them.

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