This Spring '11 feature goes out to every developer who has sat, possibly coffee in hand, staring at either the Apex Test Runner in Eclipse, or the Run All Tests page in a browser and wondering quietly to themselves if time itself might be slowing down during this process.

For them, I offer this image:

Screen shot 2011-01-14 at 3.54.31 PM
That little icon of two arrows in a loop?  A beautiful thing.  It's letting me know that the tests are still running, and to come back later. Or I can just hit the refresh button.  I do not, however, have to sit staring in the hopes of the page reloading.  Test coverage being instrumental to a successful enterprise application – the ability to effortlessly run apex tests and report against them without turning into an excuse to get another cup of coffee should be a welcome relief.

Want to see this feature in action?  Register for the Spring '11 webinar on Tuesday and check it out live. 

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