Meetup Wrap Up: San Mateo | Salesforce Developers Blog

A good time was had by all last night at the San Mateo Developer Meetup. Maybe it's something about staying local and collaborating with our neighbors, but we had an extra enthusiastic crowd kicking off the night with pizza, beers, and  lots mingling (photos here).

The Intro to track was filled with a diverse mix of people; one brushing up on his fundamental skills prior to taking the developer certification, another just getting started building their first cloud app.

The second session had some veteran developers diving into our latest and greatest technologies. The first half of the evening was spent covering the new REST API, with tons of interest from the group on the mobile context (i.e. Android). Next, a Ruby On Rails app was configured on the new Toolkit for Ruby and deployed to Heroku (more details), cool stuff. 

What's next? We are planning on hitting the road and hosting more meetups in the upcoming months. Keep an eye on our calendar, follow us on Twitter, and stay updated on our next scheduled stop. Feel free to send suggestions too .. why does your city need a Developer Meetup?

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