It feels like just the other week that we were in Atlanta mixing it up with the amazing local community (you guys rocked it!) sharing stories, playing Force.trivia, and having a great time. Oh wait, I think it was just a few weeks ago—I guess time flies when you are having fun!

The good news is that the fun only gets better. Spring 11 has sprung, and with it, the REST API is now GA (thanks to Alex Toussaint, and the engineering team behind the scene for this #awesome feature!), is live (in case you missed the superbowl commercials!), and this release is chock-full of hidden Gems. In fact, there is so much new things for Chatter developers, a little birdie told me that we are even having a webinar soon focused solely on Chatter Development – stay tuned for more on that front).

Meetup If there are so many goodies with Spring 11, how could it possibly get any better? How about another Developer Meetup? These are always my favorite events, and I am excited to announce that the next Developer Meetup is coming to the San Mateo offices on February 22nd.

Perhaps it’s the Venti Chai I just consumed, but I am super excited about this meetup in particular. We have some amazing sessions for developers new to the platform, and those looking to take some of the new features like REST, the Ruby Toolkit and deploying your app to Heroku, for a spin we have you covered too. 

What’s left to add? Go register now, retweet, and the crew will see you there!!

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