We've had quite a few new releases and updates in the last month.  You can stay up to date with these in real time by following @ForceDotComLabs on Twitter. 

New Apps

Mass Transfer / Reassign Opportunities
– This app will help you search and reassign multiple opportunities, matching certain criteria or even using your own views.

Updated Apps with New Features

Milestones PM – Project and Task Management
– Free, Lightweight, Open Source Project Management for Your Org.

  • Draggable Gantt chart for both Projects and Milestones
  • Updated batch capability for copy, clone and delete.
  • Increased capabity for export and import of project templates.

Icon_forcelab2 Chatter Influence – Rank your users by Influence and take snapshots of your Chatter data

  • ChatterRank is now a measure of 1-100
  • Added three new metrics: likes received, average interactions per post and average interactions per day
  • Removed two metrics around comments

Actionplans_60x60 Action Plans v3 (Unmanaged) – Action Plans encapsulates best practices into reusable task templates.

  • performance improvements through the use of Batch Apex when creating tasks
  • a task due date hover, which will calculate when an AP task is due
  • action plan detail page print view
  • mass delete of AP from a list view
  • minor usability improvements in the UI flow
  • remove SubTabs and put Action Plans and Action Plan Templates their own tabs which enables us to have separate security rules for each object

Updated Apps, Minor Tweeks

Salesforce for Twitter 3 – Salesforce for Twitter connects your Salesforce.com CRM with the fastest growing channel for customer service.

Chatter Combo Pack – It's Chatter, supersized! A single package with 9 Chatter apps.

Lead Scoring – Score leads based on who they are (lead criteria) and what they do (campaign member criteria).

Find Nearby – Find leads, accounts and contacts near a location.

Chatter SmartFollow – Chatter SmartFollow allows Users to automatically follow the right people

Chatter Unfollow Rules (Unmanaged) (Managed) – Automated rules stop following records to avoid the 500 following limit.

LinkForce: A URL Shortener – LinkForce is a URL Shortener. It turns long URLs into short ones.


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