Tomorrow morning I hop a flight to the Big Apple to help setup for the Dev Zone at Cloudforce NYC and present a session on Application Development with VMforce. I've been working a lot with Ruby recently so it is a nice change to switch back to Java and have an opportunity to demo some of the latest additions to VMforce. You should know by now if it is code, then I'm happy to play with it, although I am sure I am going to forget to add a semi-colon or two as my mind switches over to Java syntax again.

It's been a while since I presented anything on VMforce (the last time was Dreamforce 2010). Since then, there have been a number of changes to the environment and what the JPA adapter supports, especically in regards to custom annotations (the secret sauce of 'coding your way', in my opinion, when talking about VMforce).

Semi-colon fear aside, here is a little taste of what I will be presenting. The plan is to spin up a POJO using the @CustomObject(enableFeeds=true) annotation to automatically enable Chatter Feed support, add relationships using @ManyToOne, and throw in a few other neat little additions whist trying to get everyone to think of IAAS and App Development a little differently.  Chatterpojo

If you are in NYC on Thursday, definitely register and drop by. Along with great presentations we will have an active DevZone, and code consulting sessions to help you build your apps in the cloud.

See you there!

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