Thanks to all those that attended the Workshop 1 & 2 sessions. The room was packed to the gills, I'm guessing 300 people or more. About half of the attendees in the room came prepared with their laptops and followed along with the hands-on tutorials as I zoomed through creating a basic app. Great job keeping up with the fast-paced introduction.

Here are some handy links for those of you that want to try out things on your own.

  • The Workbook     A set of tutorials that you can use to get started with This book is the basis for what was covered in the workshops.
  • Developer Edition Registration     A free development environment that you can use to build apps. This is the environment used to complete the workbook tutorials.

There were a lot of good questions asked and answered, a few of which I'll repeat for the benefit of everyone new to

  • What's an "org"?     An organization, or org for short, is a synonym for a environment. In other words, it's an environment where you run, build, or test out your app(s).
  • What's the difference between Developer Edition and Free Edition?     Great question, but too long to answer here. Instead, I'll refer everyone to an informative article on this subject and many related subjects, An Introduction to Environments.
  • Can I import data easily with     Sure, there are actually a number of options, including the Apex Data Loader and the Bulk API.

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