Perhaps it is something in the air, but have you noticed that the Evangelist team seem to be popping up everywhere of late? A few weeks ago we were in New York City for Cloudforce, Patt and I were in San Antonio last week, Dave and Steve are in D.C next week, Josh is in Minneapolis on the 19th and the fun doesn't stop there. We have already had a few requests to drop by North Carolina. (I even remember cookies were in the offering—and not the browser type 🙂 ) If you have any developer events scheduled in your local area, we would love to hear about it. It is always great to catch up with the local developer community while we are on the road. 

Orangecountycpa Next stop for me is Orange County in LA on April 13th. We will be doing an Intro to as well as getting some hands on time, so make sure you bring your laptop. If we get time, perhaps we can also do a quick round of Force.trivia, athough the folks in San Antonio set the bar pretty high!

Don't forget to register early for the OC meetup if you are in the area, or one of the other events I mentioned above. See you then!

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